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Ingeniería y Desarrollo

Welcome to Engineering and Development

I & D

  • Web Hosting.
  • Audits in Computing.
  • Development of web sites.
  • Web Domains.
  • Marketing on the Internet through their portals Enterprises of Chihuahua and Tourism of Chihuahua.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Remote Surveillance via IP cameras.
  • Maintenance of computers and lap tops for companies and individuals.
    • Convention of preventive maintenance.
    • ¿You have any problems with your computer?
      • ¿This very slow?
      • ¿It doesn't allow you a continuous connection to the internet or open pages?
      • ¿You have virus?
      • ¿You've been the victim of hackers?
      • We are the solution to your problems.
    • Call us and we'll give you the right solution.
    • Guaranteed work.
    • Personalized attention.
    • Budget without compromise.