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Ingeniería y Desarrollo

Welcome to Engineering and Development

I & D

Economical Web Design

In I & D support its economy, thats why we offer our web design package of economic unique smb and independent professionals who want a professional web site, with quality and prices really economic. ¡ Get now your presence on the Internet quickly, at the best price, and with a professional image ! With our plan of economic web design, we encourage your company to be one step ahead of your competition, showing your business to the world in a professional manner, don't hesitate and buy your website today.

Web Design with Databases

Our Plan with Database, in addition to presenting full and detailed information of your company, you will capture the attention of your customers with a combination of images, animation, interactivity hard to forget. Our web design package with database, is designed for those companies and/or professionals who want to have change their information constantly, so as to achieve a visible presence, quality and up-to-date on the Internet. It is a question of giving to your customers in a practical and efficient, information about new developments, products and promotions, so that the page serve as a point of contact and loyalty to their visitors.

Web Design multi-language

We feel more comfortable when we read in our mother tongue, for this reason, it is best to present the information to the user in his language, getting unique advantages. We specialize in the design and creation of web sites bilingual or multilingual. These web sites, are designed to present information to users in multiple languages in an optimal way. The languages to show, will be incorporated into the design of the web site.


  • Get a web site that allows potentially gain access to thousands of people, who are looking for their products and services in the world. Increasingly trade agreements, are signed between countries, it is not an option have a web site, is a necessity.
  • A multilingual website, can be used as a range that extends our portfolio of clients and ensure a greater volume of sales with little investment.
  • The web sites multi languages, are a prerequisite to expand their market, to interact with people who speak other languages, and attract new users and potential customers.
  • A multilingual website is designed, the customer in mind. That little extra effort, about much more, our products/services to foreign clients.
  • When the business relations, are carried out in the native language, it generates more confidence, your company has the most credibility, build brand and closes more opportunities.

Adaptive web design

Advantages of the web with adaptive design

Now surf the internet and access to a web site, it is not exclusive to the laptop or desktop computer. The new mobile devices, enables millions of users around the world can also access the web pages. What makes it recommendable the adaptive web design for your web site, and thus be visible through any device. Google recommends updating our websites to a adaptive web design.

Your web site visible to multiple screen widths.

The design of adaptive pages (responsive web design or multidevice), allows your web is adapted to the screen of the device of the user that you visit, not by importing from a mobile phone or iPhone Android smartphone, phablet, Android tablet or iPad, laptop, or from a computer. You will need a web visible to multiple screen widths.

¿How does it work?

We will schedule a website whose content and structure, will be adapted to the size of the screens of the devices that use the users who access its web. The visitor has to do anything, the web will be adapted the device to use in every moment, you can concentrate on the content of your web and will have a much more pleasant experience. Users enter into their web alternately from platforms: mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computers.

Our goal

Create scalable internet services. The user that accesses your site, no matter where you are, you can navigate easily, intuitively, without that amount the device you use. We create your web design with adaptive web, scalable so that the architecture of the content, and presentation are adapted to the screen size and the type of device.